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Welcome !

An Introduction to the department of Epidemiology. Purpose is to inform new members (and resident members) and help them find their way at the department on all sorts of practical topics. Content has been checked by postdocs from ErasmusAGE & CVD, ERGO data management and the secretary department: Index

1) About Epidemiology
2) Getting started
3) How to?
4) Research
5) Working agreements

Updates will be made on a regular basis by the secretary department/secretariat.epi@erasmusmc.nl Feel free to use it by sending in pdf or in hard copy, available at the secretary department on your floor.

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Manual of the Department of Epidemiology

This manual is designed to provide essential information and guidance within our department.
It also a comprehensive guide, including all requirements and procedure that directly affect students and supervisors.

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Application form

This application form is for hiring new employees. It is required to fill out the application form for new PhD students/MSc students/interns and for students who use our data but not have a workplace at our department.

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If you require more information, contact secretariat Epidemiology at secretariat.epi@erasmusmc.nl or 010-7043489.

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