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  Updated: 23-Jun-2024

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Dissertations 2009
The role of a CA repeat polymorphism in the promotor region of the insulin like growth factor-I gene in physiology and the pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus
Ingrid Rietveld

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. S.W.J. Lamberts, Prof. dr. ir. C.M. van Duijn
Copromotor(es): Dr. J.A.M.J.L. Janssen
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Early influences on cardiovascular and renal development. The Generation R Study
Miranda Geelhoed

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. A. Hofman, Van der Heijden AJ, Jaddoe VWV
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Pharmacological and biological risk factors for cardiac arrhythmias
Charlotte van Noord

Promotor(es): Prof. dr. B.H.Ch. Stricker, Witteman JCM, Sturkenboom MCJM, Straus SMJM
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Uncertainty in medical decision making. Knowing how little you know
Bas Groot Koerkamp

Promotor(es): Hunink MGM, Stijnen T, Weinstein MC
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Respiratory Morbidity and Exhaled Nitric Oxide in the First 2 Years of Life: the Generation R Study
Carmelo Gabriele

Promotor(es): De Jongste JC, Prof.dr. A. Hofman
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The influence of the CYP2D6*4 polymorphism on drug response and disease susceptibility
Monique Bijl

Promotor(es): Prof. dr. B.H.Ch. Stricker, Vulto AG, Visser LE, Van Gelder T.
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Genetic determinants of gastric cancer
Stefania Boccia

Promotor(es): Van Duijn CM, Ricciardi W
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Individualizing pharmacotherapy. Genetic factors and co-prescribed drugs affecting pharmacotherapy.
Matthijs Becker

Promotor(es): Stricker BHCh, Vulto AG, Visser LE
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The interplay of genes and diet in metabolic diseases and aging. Studies on Obesity, Osteoporosis and Survival
Carola Zillekens

Promotor(es): Uitterlinden AG, Van Duijn CM, Oostra BA
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Epidemiology of atrial fibrillation in the general population.
Jan Heeringa

Promotor(es): Witteman JCM., Hofman A.
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Determinants and outcomes of structural brain changes
Mohammad Arfan Ikram

Promotor(es): Breteler MMB
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Imaging of age-related brain changes. A population-based approach
Meike Vernooij

Promotor(es): Breteler MMB, Krestin GP.
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Magnetic resonance imaging for traumatic knee injury
Edwin H.G. Oei

Promotor(es): Hunink MGM, Ginai AZ
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Methodological approaches to study the genetics of dementia and cognitive function
Fan Liu

Promotor(es): Van Duijn CM, Oostra BA, Aulchenko YS
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NSAIDs and Cardiovascular Drugs In Neurodegenerative and Cerebrovascular Diseases
Mendel D.M. Haag

Promotor(es): Breteler MMB, Stricker BHC
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