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  Updated: 13-Jul-2024

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Dissertations 2017
The Importance and Use of Registries for Performance and Safety Information on Medical Implants
Laura de Vries

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. B.H.Ch. Stricker
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Biological Determinants of Depression: An epidemiological approach
Nese Direk

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. A. Hofman, Prof. dr. H.W.Tiemeier
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Unraveling Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Alzheimer’s disease and its Related Endophenotypes
Sven van der Lee

Promotor(es): Prof.dr.ir. C.M. van Duijn, Prof.dr. M.A. Ikram
Copromotor(es): Dr. N. Amin
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QT Variability and Other Electrocardiographic Predictors of Sudden Cardiac Death
Marten van den Berg

Promotor(es): Prof. B.H.Ch. Stricker
Copromotor(es): Dr. P.R. Rijnbeek, Dr. M. Eijgelsheim
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Glandula Thyreoidea et senescens - Thyroid and aging
Layal Chaker

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. R.P. Peeters, Prof.dr. O.H. Franco
Copromotor(es): Dr. A. Dehghan
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The Role of MicroRNAs in Age-Related Disorders : From population-based genetic studies to experimental validation
Mohsen Ghanbari

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. O.H. Franco
Copromotor(es): Dr. A. Dehghan, Dr. S. Erkeland, Dr. M. Meester-Smoor
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Prevalence, Risk Factors and Consequences of Chronic Polyneuropathy : The Rotterdam Study
Rens Hanewinckel

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. P.A. van Doorn, Prof.dr. M.A. Ikram
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From Gene Discovery to Understanding The Molecular Pathways in Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma
Adriana Isabel Iglesias González

Promotor(es): Prof.dr.ir. C.M. van Duijn, Prof.dr. C.C.W. Klaver, Prof.dr. R. Willemsen
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Health and Ageing in Older Adults: A gender-specific and life-course perspective
Loes Jaspers

Promotor(es): Prof. dr. O.H. Franco; Prof. dr. J.S.E. Laven
Copromotor(es): Dr. M. Kavousi
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