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  Updated: 19-May-2024

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Dissertations 2020
Osteoarthritis: genetics and phenotypes in all their complexity
Cindy Germaine Boer

Promotor(es): Prof. Dr. A.G. Uitterlinden
Copromotor(es): Dr. J.B.J. van Meurs
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Sequencing - from Blood to Brain
Jeroen van Rooij

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. A.G. Uitterlinden, Prof.dr. J.C. van Swieten
Copromotor(es): Dr. J.B.J. van Meurs
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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Metabolic Syndrome - Modulators and Prognosis
Thijs van Herpt

Promotor(es): Prof. dr. E.J.G. Sijbrands, Prof. dr. O.H. Franco Duran
Copromotor(es): Dr. M. van Hoek, Dr. A.G. Lieverse
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Disentangling the Underlying Mechanisms Linking Epigenetic, Metabolic and Environmental Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes
Carolina Patricia Ochoa Rosales

Promotor(es): Prof. Dr. M. Arfan Ikram
Copromotor(es): Dr. ir. Trudy Voortman
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The Interplay of Bone and Muscle in Health and Disease
Katerina Trajanoska

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. A. G. Uitterlinden, Prof.dr. F. Rivadeneira
Copromotor(es): Dr. C. Medina-Gomez
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Liver Health in the General Population - the Role of Diet, Body Composition and the Gut Microbiome
Loes Alferink

Promotor(es): Prof. dr. H.J. Metselaar, Prof. dr. J.C. Kiefte - De Jong
Copromotor(es): Dr. S. Darwish Murad
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Methodological and Epidemiological Studies of Cardiovascular Structure and Function
Oscar Leonel Rueda Ochoa

Promotor(es): prof.dr.J.W. Deckers, prof.dr.D. Rizopoulos, prof.dr.O.H. Franco
Copromotor(es): Dr.M. Kavousi
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Sleep And Risk Of Neurodegenerative Disease A Population-Based Approach
Thom Lysen

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. M.A. Ikram, Prof.dr. H. Tiemeier
Copromotor(es): Dr. A.I. Luik
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Hearing Function and Brain Health in the Elderly: Interrelations and risk factors
Pauline Croll

Promotor(es): Prof. dr. R.J. Baatenburg de Jong, Prof. dr. M.W. Vernooij, Prof. dr. M.A. Ikram
Copromotor(es): dr. A. Goedegebure
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Medication use in children and adolescents Studies using different information sources
Kiki Cheung

Promotor(es): Prof.dr. B.H.Ch. Stricker
Copromotor(es): Dr. L.E. Visser
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Molecular Epidemiology of Inflammation: Link with Type 2 Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease
Symen Ligthart

Promotor(es): Prof. dr. M.A. Ikram
Copromotor(es): Dr. A. Dehghan
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Diet in Childhood Patterns, determinants, and health
Anh Nhi Nguyen

Promotor(es): Prof. dr. M.A. Ikram
Copromotor(es): Dr.ir. T. Voortman
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Integration of Multi-Omics in Type 2 Diabetes and Related Disorders Research
Jun Liu

Promotor(es): Prof.dr.ir C.M. van Duijn
Copromotor(es): Dr. A. Demirkan
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